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The Nutrition RN was started by Cynthia Allen, a Registered Nurse, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Natural Chef, Certified in Reiki Levels 1 and 2, Certified Theta Healer, practitioner of Sound Healing and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.   Her education in health began in college with a fascination in Cellular & Molecular Biology and Chemistry. She completed her Bachelors of Science in these sciences while minoring in chemistry and Business but after spending time working in research labs she decided working with people was more interesting and fulfilling! So she went back to college and got another degree in  Nursing.  She became a Registered Nurse and a Public Health which led her to work at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford. This was fantastic experience for Cynthia. She grew in her knowledge of the disease processes but also in her compassion and understanding for the importance of what healthcare really is and what it needs to be. 

Through reading her story below you will learn how she transitioned into a full-time career of utilizing food, nutrients, herbs, sound waves and other modalities to help heal the body, mind and soul of individuals. These individuals range from the young to the old, from the sick to the well, from the very symptomatic to the symptom free people - all looking for their connection, balance and wholeness. Through this the systems of digestion, circulation, hormones, cardiovascular, reproductive, and immune become well supported and run optimally.   The modalities, theories, health education, recommendation and guidance that she gives her clients is rooted in both Western and Eastern medicine.

Cynthia’s Story

“I was so exhausted but I kept pushing and ignoring it and my body.  This exhaustion felt like it was coming from my bones. I couldn’t walk my dog to the end of the block and folding laundry seemed like an all day event. I had a constant sinus infection, bloody noses every couple of days, and my digestion was a little bit more than weird. To top it off my family complained that I was not enjoyable to be around.  I had a temper, I was grumpy, and I was considered the “moody” one in the family. But my back, neck, muscles, and joints all hurt so much. My body hurt everywhere when I wasn’t ignoring it. 

I made countless appointments with my doctor in hopes for her to tell me what was wrong with me and how to fix it. I had multiple tests done, saw many specialists, the best in their field (after all I was at Stanford Hospital) and yet no one had answers on how to fix my problem. Every specialist only had a different drug to try. I tried a couple but they always left me with another symptom or just feeling worse all around.” I kept asking myself “Should a 29 year old really have to rely on medications and is this for the rest of my life?”

I knew nutrition had to be involved somehow because that is what my body was made from. I figured maybe I just need a remodel with some new parts. But what I didn't realize was the magnitude of how much nutrients and other modalities that I had never even heard of could change my life! And they sure did! 


With a stroke of luck, or maybe divine intervention, a good friend encouraged me to see this guy who is "holistic" nutrition consultant. Admittedly, I thought to myself "I know what to eat, and this guy is just going to tell me whatI already know. Eat veggies and stuff like that."  Well, he wasn't your typical nutritionist and neither am I now.  He was amazing! He connected the dots, he saw my body as whole, he connected me to nature, in and out, he educated me, he woke me up, and he inspired me to be alive and allowed me to be symptom free! I thought my diagnose of irritable bowel, chronic fatigue and celiac's would plague me for the rest of my life.  I remember after a while of visiting his office I would get excited because I know each visit was one step closer to feeling better and feeling free. He would pick out supplements that were unique just for me each week that I saw him. As time went I grew stronger and stronger.  My progress was most evident when I would look back over the weeks, then the months and now the years. Honestly, this changed my life and it will change your life too if you schedule your first appointment and go from there. 

Not only did I heal and become stronger than I had ever imagined was possible, I transformed into a much happier, more energetic and youthful person. I felt as though I was finally waking up for the first time in my life.

When we give the body the correct tools, it allows our body to be able to heal and find balance.  Stress from germs, traumas, busy lifestyles, and so many other factors has really affected all some many of us.  So my wisdom to you it that there are ways to get better and feel better than you have ever imagined.  Since I started with this holistic nutritionist I have acquired much knowledge, education and other trainings in modalities to complement the nutrition work that is truly amazing!" 

When people ask me what I do, I often go blank.  How do I describe magic?  Magic is magic. How do I convey the positive impact and direction that this therapy takes people towards? My career has been a constant evolution, largely driven by three things. One, my own health quest, two, the endorphin rush I get from learning new ideas, concepts, and out of the box forward thinking, and three, the desire to help make this world a little better in some way. 

When are your defining moments? Can you recall those moments where you made a decision and why? One of my most vivid memorable defining moments occurred in my early college education when I went for a walk with my father in the woods. And it wasn't so much the walk but the drive there at a stop light my curiosity and passion started to emerge. I glanced at the man in the car next to me, he was a large man, in an old rusted car, eating a big slice of greasy pizza and gulping down a soda. We then proceeded to our walk in the woods where I had the cliched butterfly cross my path and pollenate.  

© 2017 by Cynthia Allen.

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