Embodied Health is so named as to represent

the embodiment of health into the mind, body and soul of the individual. 

By will or by way the symptoms of the body, the symptoms of disharmony in our culture and symptoms of destruction in our environment are telling us that we are out of balance.

The awareness of mind-body-soul is arising in our culture because our society (and you as an individual) need this connection to be healthy and live your life as your true self. 

The initial cause, the root of it all needs to be seen and addressed.

Band-aids aren't working anymore but the embodiment of health into your life will.

Living your life as your true self brings peace and as these masks of our untrue self are removed, we become free and live our best life. 


The offerings at Embodied Health are all centered to bring this true health of mind-body-soul into reality in your life - - to bring your true self, the one that lives in your heart, up to surface to guide and lead your life by.

The techniques that have been acquired and used are done so because they are extremely effective and non-invasive (do no harm).

© 2017 by Cynthia Allen.

My Embodied Health