Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I schedule an appointment? Get started? 
After you have read through the website, click here or the Book Online button. This will take you to a website in which you can directly book and pay for your first visit. After your appointment has been confirmed, we will send you paperwork via email to complete and bring with you to your first visit. 
2. I have some questions if this program is the right fit for me, how do I contact you?
Almost every question can be answered by reading through this website, however if you are still unsure if the program is the right fit, you can book a mini-session. These are in person visits that last 15 minutes. Come with your questions written down and ready and we look forward to meeting you! Click here or the Book Online button to book the session. 
3. How long is the program? How long will it take my body to heal?
For results, expect to stay on the program for at least 6 months. It takes your body some time to adjust to new physiology and depending on what ails you, your body may take longer than 6 months to heal. For more info on program cost and structure, click here.
4. What do people do after the program?
The answer to this question is different for each person. For some people their physiology is complex and they feel better staying on nutritional support that is matched to their needs and others heal enough to continue on with basic nutrient protocols. I recommend people stay on a basic program (of nutrient support) at minimum for several reasons. Click here to learn why. You may not know what is right for you until after being on the program for a while. 
5. Do I have to take supplements on the program?
For best results, yes. To learn about the importance of correct supplementation, click here. Sound therapy with theta healing is available if supplements can not be utilized. Please note that pricing structure may be different in these cases. 
6. What kind of supplements do you use? 
The supplements we use are extremely high quality and therefore very effective. Cynthia uses only what works and only what is specific for you. Cynthia has had countless hours of extensive training and education concerning the vitamins, minerals, herbs, and homeopathies used in the office.  She carefully chooses each product. Click here to learn more about supplements and why Cynthia loves them so much!
7. I like the supplement brands you use, can I just purchase them without an appointment?
If you have been a client in the past we typically keep you on supplements that we know work for your body and therefore for these people the answer is yes. We also offer certain general supplementation, nutrients and cleanse program in which appointment are not needed. Click here for info on that. But otherwise, we are not a GNC or like the aisle at the local health food store. We are trained to give you very specific and effective recommendations and therefore it is a disservice to all to bypass this aspect.
8. I've never heard of sound healing, theta healing, or muscle reflex testing. Does it really work? 
Yes it works! We weren't born knowing this stuff and Cynthia does an excellent job explaining all of it so that you can relate and understand how your physiology is affected and supported via these healing modalities. It is non-invasive and not painful. For info, click here. 
9. I hear people talk about "energy" and it doesn't make any sense to me and I don't believe it can be helpful for to heal the body. It seems like you utilize this "energy stuff." Maybe it is just placebo?
Cynthia often tells people of her story and sketism which actually came from just not understanding certain aspects of physics and biology. For info on this, click here. 
10. What other healing modalities does this work with? Can I see other health care practitioners while on this program? 
Yes. Cynthia recommends seeing other healing practitioners but it is not always necessary other than your regular medical care doctors.  If you are on supplement protocols from other practitioners, sometimes the programs may overlap too much to be beneficial. However, for many people a team approach is the best way to get fantastic results. 
11. Can Cynthia be my primary healthcare professional? 
No. Cynthia, the Nutrition RN is not a medical doctor and cannot supervise medical emergencies, treatments, or medications. If you need medical care, visit your doctor or the nearest emergency room. 
12. Do I need to have health insurance even though I see Cynthia?
Yes, it is recommend to always have proper medical insurance and the services offered by Cynthia, the Nutrition RN, are not in place of medical care but instead work synergistically with most medical care.
13. Do you take or bill insurance?
Insurance does not cover the services at the Nutrition RN. Many Flexible or Health Spending Accounts (HSA) can be used in our office. We do not bill insurance but can provide invoices regarding your office visit.  You can submit these invoices to your insurance provider or HSA for possible reimbursement, depending upon your coverage. Most insurance providers do not cover alternative therapies or supplements, but of course it is worth checking with your insurance provider. 
14. Cancelling / Rescheduling Appointments
If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please notify us 48 business hours before your appointment.  If the appointment is missed or cancelled within 48 hours prior to appointment timed, you will still be billed for the appointment. Please note this is very literal. All sessions are paid at time of booking and are non-refundable. Programs are non-refundable. 

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